Portfolio Category: Consumer / Distribution / Other

The New Release

The nation's largest owner/operator of DVD rental kiosks strategically located in grocery stores.  TNR was founded in late 2003 and had 215 deployed kiosks as of October 2005.

Engagement Goals

Brookwood Associates advised TNR, including its majority owner, Celerity Partners, on the placement of $10 million in growth financing to support its plan to rollout an additional...
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A World of Tile

A leading, fast-growing specialty retailer of ceramic and porcelain tile and stone in the Western U.S.

Engagement Goals

Brookwood Associates advised the shareholders of A World of Tile including its majority owner, River Associates, on the sale of the company to New York-based Pouschine Cook Capital Management

Engagement Outcome

Effective Positioning – After conducting significant research and diligence, Brookwood...
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Bob’s Candies

A third-generation, family-owned, candy manufacturing business.

Engagement Goals

Brookwood guided the shareholders of Bob’s Candies through the process of selling the company in the face of mounting challenges for the business.

Engagement Process and Outcomes

Recent History – The third-generation owner significantly increased the value of the company by re-branding a seasonal product that had been sold for more...
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