We hired Brookwood because we knew they would do a thorough and effective job representing Marina Medical. Brookwood did a terrific job working with management and the investors and exceeded our expectations. They did a great job of communicating the company’s story, their process generated a significant amount of buyer interest, and their execution was excellent. The result was a great new investing partner for the company and a great outcome for Prospect Partners and the existing investors in Marina.


Richard C. Tuttle, ounding Principal, Prospect Partners

The Board interviewed a number of investment banks, but we were most comfortable with Brookwood’s extensive experience with fairness opinions. Brookwood helped us understand the value of the transaction we were considering — and met the very demanding time schedule.

Kenneth Kehrer, PhD, Chairman, Special Committee, Magnet Communications

The Brookwood team was helpful on a variety of projects during our ownership of Jen-Coat, including an important divestiture. They did an excellent job on the sale assignment, and I would enthusiastically recommend them to other owners.

Bart McLean, CGW Southeast Partners

Brookwood was instrumental in guiding us through the buyout process and finding the right investment partner.

Jim Kauffman, CEO, Jen-Coat